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Vegan lifestyle is a healthy mode of living. The eating habits of vegan people are slightly different from vegetarians who abstain from consuming meat products, while vegans not only avoid eating animal flesh, they also refrain from eating food stuffs derived from animals like eggs, dairy products and honey. Leading a vegan lifestyle inhibits people from using animal tested cosmetics.

Significant health benefits are derived from plant - based diet that is naturally low in cholesterol and fat but high in fiber content. People following vegan lifestyle find that the risk of some chronic diseases like get minimized. Consuming a meat free diet significantly increases the quality of life and ensures a greater life span.

People following a vegan diet are normally free from all irritable allergens that may result in food allergies, asthma and ADHD. This diet also creates an aesthetically pleasing healthy hair, lowers body weight and builds a clearer, taut and glowing skin. People are therefore gradually converting to vegan life style for reasons beyond health.

They envisage that this way of living as it precludes cruelty. The vegans believe that by excluding animal products from their diet, plant food would be grown more for human consumption thereby creating a better environment to exist. In this manner the individual would contribute in creating a green and clean environment and also help in eliminating useless slaughter of animals for food. Scientists believe that the menace of Global warming, shortage of water and deforestation are linked;to livestock industry; thereby promoting the vegan lifestyle that is environment friendly and socially ethical. It is estimated that animal excrement accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emission.

Vegan meal is rich in nutrients. The breakfast cereals, soy milk products and vegetable burgers are well fortified with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D while plant foods offer vegan diet sufficient Calcium and Iron such as Tofu, legumes, spinach, prune juice, dried fruits and whole grain products. Careful planning can make a delicious meal of processed tofu, rich in calcium with calcium enhanced soy beverages, broccoli, sunflower seeds, nuts, legumes, some greens, olive, dried figs and orange juice.

Benefits of Vegan diet becomes all the more pronounced when people start cooking their own meals as vegan meal is served in a limited number of restaurants. People also become more aware about nutrition and begin to understand positive effects of diet high in plant fiber that lays the foundation of a healthier lifestyle.

Following the vegan lifestyle is an ideal way of gifting family a nutritious diet plan that would lead to significant health benefits. It is also budget friendly as plant food is less expensive than dairy products and meat. Health wise, vegan living appears to be gaining in popularity and environmentally, there is less possibility of contaminating land or water thereby allowing the vegans to contribute, in a small way, towards preserving nature.